à la carte


Creamed cod with leek cream and chickpeas waffles
Euro 14,00

Venetian raw beef tartare with burrata, cherry tomatoes and capers fruit with its leaves
Euro 14,00

“Our Breakfest”
Black Truffle Savory Zabaione accompanied by Brioche with Prosciutto Crudo di Parma
Euro 14,00

Golden-brown scallops with peas and mint cream and crispy waffles with Monte Baldo aromatic herbs
Euro 14,00

Culatello aged in amarone and recioto of Valpolicella “Isabella” with our Pan Brioche and mustard of Fruit
Euro 19,00

“The Milky Way”
Selection of Italian Cheeses with Mostrarde of our production
Euro 18,00


Ricotta of sheep, goat and cow gnocchi scented with the herbs of Monte Baldo and Monte Veronese cheese aged fondue
Euro 13,00

“Ravioli Amatriciani”
Ravioli stuffed with tomato water and Evo oil of Garda “Cà Rainene” with braised onion and crispy pillow
Euro 14,00

Vino “Putiferio” Egg Pasta with Venison Ragout Cervo and Monte Veronese cheese
Euro 14,00

“Acquerello” Risotto with beetroot, schrimps tartare and Caprino cheese creme
Euro 15,00

Egg fettuccine with black truffle of Monte Baldo
Euro 14,00

Pasta with tomato sauce or meat sauce is available on request
(including rice or maize for people with coeliac disease)


Garronese Veneta Sliced beef with roast “Rata” potatoes and béarnaise sauce
Euro 19,00

Little slice of croaker with mustard sause with buon enrico and potatoes salad
Euro 19,00

Sautè of rabbit stew with Baldo black truffel sause and vegetables
Euro 19,00

Eggplant Cannoli stuffed with chickeas ,oliv and sundried tomatoes on potatoes and carrots scented with ginger Purèe
Euro 16,00

Backed rack of lamb with green curry sauce and red turnip leaves
Euro 24,00

Crispy vegetable and Garda lavarello fritters with bardolino chiaretto sweet and sour sauce
Euro 18,00


Crunchy biscuit with hazelnut and praline, caprese hazelnut, mousse with gianduia and creme brulè
Euro 9,00

“Walk into the woods”
Dark chocolate “Gunaja 70%” and Pinus Mugus ganache with wild berry-mousse, yogurt cream and pistachio ground
Euro 9,00

Home-made ice cream or sorbets
We propose a tasting of three tastes
Euro 7,50

“Exotic World”
Semifreddo with exotic fruits and peanut cakes enclosed in a chocolate ball with salted caramel sauce
Euro 10,00

“Lemon and Basil Tart”
Short pastry served with lemon curd, mousse whipped milk flavored with basil
Euro 9,00

Playful biscuit with cheese mousse, raspberry compote and vanilla creamy
Euro 9,00

“The Milky Way”
Italian cheese selection with jam, chestnut honey and home-made quinces mustard
Euro 18,00

Bread and Cover Euro 3,00

The staff is at your disposal regarding the presence of allergens in the courses listed 

In the absence of availability some frozen products could be used